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Hiyas Medway

Hey Medway... Colleen here
well i know im  not like a student at medway high
but i thought it would be cool if i posted something

I hope everyone is having a good year so far
Dont get too stressed out by junior year...
blah i know how tough it is...
feehans a bitch
but hey lifes tough so just play hard
haha wow... yay for my corny sports quote
umm ya well
thats my entry for now
but leave some comments and call me sometime
you know i still live in the same town as you guys

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You're not the first non-MHS person to post here.

But anyway, hi, and nice icon. :)

hey, what's up? it's ross. yeah...considering no one ever posts anything in this community, any post is cool. i guess i'm part of the problem though... oh well. we miss you guys at different schools. come to coffee house again if you can. i think i want to play :)
i def will... so you def need to play if i go!!! haha dont let me down ross!
i'll try not to. :)


January 17 2005, 01:29:30 UTC 13 years ago

get bent