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Posting, procrastinating, and promoting

Huh. Nobody's posted in a while, not even Dave with his valiant efforts to keep the place alive.

I guess it's because we're back in school and have decided to talk to each other, you know, the old-fashioned way, with verbal expressions and things like that.

I actually don't have anything special to say. I'm just procrastinating.


If you're procrastinating too, go join my community, glorious_mess, and/or Lauren Gimenez's community, dazzling_mess.

I don't actually like rating communities, she confessed. It was somewhat of an accident that I came into ownership of mine. :D But it's fun, sort of, as long as everyone's chill about it.

Then there's always medway_writers, which y'all should go check out even if you're not much of a writer.

Kay. Done spamming. See you guys tomorrow.
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