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Hey everyone, it's Matt Landi.

How's everyone doing? Sucks I couldn't come out this summer and see everyone again, but I'll see everyone over thanksgiving or christmas. I miss you guys, Wisconsin sucks :(

Well, it's just about 2 a.m. here and I'm bored as hell, so I decided that I was gonna come on here and talk to you all. I know I do not belong to MHS 2006, but I like talking to you all, it's good to see familiar things in a strange place, and thats what Wisconsin is, a strange place. Everyone out here loves the Packers, cheese, and hunting. One thing I like about it though is that it's beautiful in the summer time. A LOT more open then Massachusetts, and a lot more wooded areas and animals. In fact, I have a family of deer living in my back yard (in the woods somewhere) and they pop out every once in a while to pick at my dad's garden. That's one good thing about Wisconsin, but there isn't much else. There are 3 schools in my town, and I happen to go to the one where all the rich, preppy kids live. :sigh:, it's not the best group of kids to hang with, but good thing they aren't all like this. I haven't made very many friends, but the ones I have made are pretty cool. They aren't preppy and snobby like all the Abercrombie-wearing guys/girls are. I know I shouldn't stereotype all the people at my school, but everywhere I look I see these things and hear these things, but maybe it will be different this year, who knows? Also, I tried playing football this year, I went to practices/weight-lifting and I realized it wasn't my thing, as much as I like bashing the hell out of other people (just kidding..). I'll stick with soccer.

I start school (unofficially) August 20th, due to AP US History. It's only a 5-day 3-hour long class, but AP SUCKS! So much work, and I have yet to finish my summer project that's due this Friday, but luckily I will be in Minnesota all weekend so I will be able to finish it there. I officially start school on September 1st. Damn, summer is so short if you just waste your days away like I did, but that's the great thing about not having to worry about work or school or anything. And, a plus to taking AP is that I won't have to pay for my insurance, gas, or anything if I get straight A's and take AP, so I guess it won't be so bad, I can focus more on playing club soccer and not have to worry about work (I plan on getting a job, but not now, I am going ot be too busy with my damn school work).

Well, I think I've said enough, and I'm tired anyways so I'm going to bed. Nice to hear from everyone again, I will visit ASAP! Have fun Medway, and I hope you enjoy your new high school!

"The best mirror is an old friend."
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