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Hey everyone, it's Matt Landi.

How's everyone doing? Sucks I couldn't come out this summer and see everyone again, but I'll see everyone over thanksgiving or christmas. I miss you guys, Wisconsin sucks :(

Well, it's just about 2 a.m. here and I'm bored as hell, so I decided that I was gonna come on here and talk to you all. I know I do not belong to MHS 2006, but I like talking to you all, it's good to see familiar things in a strange place, and thats what Wisconsin is, a strange place. Everyone out here loves the Packers, cheese, and hunting. One thing I like about it though is that it's beautiful in the summer time. A LOT more open then Massachusetts, and a lot more wooded areas and animals. In fact, I have a family of deer living in my back yard (in the woods somewhere) and they pop out every once in a while to pick at my dad's garden. That's one good thing about Wisconsin, but there isn't much else. There are 3 schools in my town, and I happen to go to the one where all the rich, preppy kids live. :sigh:, it's not the best group of kids to hang with, but good thing they aren't all like this. I haven't made very many friends, but the ones I have made are pretty cool. They aren't preppy and snobby like all the Abercrombie-wearing guys/girls are. I know I shouldn't stereotype all the people at my school, but everywhere I look I see these things and hear these things, but maybe it will be different this year, who knows? Also, I tried playing football this year, I went to practices/weight-lifting and I realized it wasn't my thing, as much as I like bashing the hell out of other people (just kidding..). I'll stick with soccer.

I start school (unofficially) August 20th, due to AP US History. It's only a 5-day 3-hour long class, but AP SUCKS! So much work, and I have yet to finish my summer project that's due this Friday, but luckily I will be in Minnesota all weekend so I will be able to finish it there. I officially start school on September 1st. Damn, summer is so short if you just waste your days away like I did, but that's the great thing about not having to worry about work or school or anything. And, a plus to taking AP is that I won't have to pay for my insurance, gas, or anything if I get straight A's and take AP, so I guess it won't be so bad, I can focus more on playing club soccer and not have to worry about work (I plan on getting a job, but not now, I am going ot be too busy with my damn school work).

Well, I think I've said enough, and I'm tired anyways so I'm going to bed. Nice to hear from everyone again, I will visit ASAP! Have fun Medway, and I hope you enjoy your new high school!

"The best mirror is an old friend."
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Hey Matt!
This is Matt Jones. It's nice to hear from you again. Hope ya come visit our school again this year so I can again say "What the Hell are you doing here?"

MATT LANDI!!!!!!!!
Hey Matt!!

It's awesome to hear how you're doing, but kinda shitty that you don't like it all too much there! I guess it's more motivation to come back (if that's a possiblity!) Anyways I just wanted to comment, maybe I'll talk to you sometime soon..

Tanya (G.)
hey matt! i hope things get better for you in wisconsin but come and visit when you can!! its good to hear from you
MATT!! I miss you man, it's so good to hear from you. You need to come back ASAP. Sounds like you're not doin to bad over there though... Does your club go to any tourneys on the east coast? That would be awesome if I saw you at one of 'em... Well, that's all for me, nice hearing from you...