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Hey every one!

Hey every one! It's Mark. How's every one's summer going now that it's starting to come to a close? Mine's been great, I just got back from Hershey today, it was a great time. I can't talk though cuz I lost my voice on all the roller coaster rides. Advice to all of you, if you go down, pace yourself on the amount of chocolate that you consume. Your stomach will appreciate it. But yeah, I went to Hershey Park and CHOCOLATE WORLD!! They had 5 POUND hershey bars there for 30 bucks, I wanted to buy one soooooooo bad. O yeah, and I got one of those bus tours, that was a good time. Our tour guide Wilber was the man! But yeah, I never knew Milton Hershey was such an amazing guy. For instance, his wife wasn't capable of having kids so he started up his own school for orphaned boys. And, when they graduated, he'd give them a 100 dollar bill (this was way back like 100 years ago, I wouldn't mind a 100 dollar bill now :p). But yeah, I had a great time, and I hope all of your summers have been great too.

While I'm posting this, I might as well ask you guys if you have any preferences for the upcoming year, other than the stuff that we already talked about. I think this year's going to be awesome, and we all need to enjoy it and try not to worry about all the stressful parts. So, comment me on this and let me know what you guys want to happen this year, thanks...

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