rocker610 (rocker610) wrote in medway2006,

Senior year

Hey guys, it's Ross. Just trying get the word out to all NHS members that teachers need help around the school, mainly the department heads such as Mr. Andreoni and Mrs. Colace. All work will go towards NHS service hours. Spread the word around if you can. And I just want to get some opinions on a question: How does a NHS run homecoming dance sound? Traditionally our school has never had one, but I think it could be a cool thing to run. Give me your input if you like.
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sounds like itd be fun. but im not creative, or even semi good with that kinda stuff, so no suggestions from me
do they need anyone on weekends?
school is closed on weekends
I'd only go if we had music that ya know, Didn't suck. I can only deal with so much rap/techno before i start beating myself over the head with a club. and that so much is about 1 song.
look...i'm not exactly a huge fan of rap/techno...but you can't exactly dance to "freebird"
I'm not saying play freebird, I'm just saying play music that doesn't suck.Ya know there were dances before rap and techno too.
You could probably do an interpretive dance to "Freebird". But that would look awfully silly.