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Posting, procrastinating, and promoting

Huh. Nobody's posted in a while, not even Dave with his valiant efforts to keep the place alive.

I guess it's because we're back in school and have decided to talk to each other, you know, the old-fashioned way, with verbal expressions and things like that.

I actually don't have anything special to say. I'm just procrastinating.


If you're procrastinating too, go join my community, glorious_mess, and/or Lauren Gimenez's community, dazzling_mess.

I don't actually like rating communities, she confessed. It was somewhat of an accident that I came into ownership of mine. :D But it's fun, sort of, as long as everyone's chill about it.

Then there's always medway_writers, which y'all should go check out even if you're not much of a writer.

Kay. Done spamming. See you guys tomorrow.
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I'm your class's Election Advisor/ Supervisor thing for the Mock Election my Current Events class is running.

You guys have the lowest rate of registered voters. Only 60% of you guys have registered.

Im trying to spread the word, but make sure you guys do, too!!

If you need to register and you cant find people at lunch dont be shy! Come find one of the following people, they will have registration sheets:

Me (KT... the short girl who has a mohawk that closely resembles that of Billy Idol... or so people tell me.)
Shaun Rooney (Hot lead singer of Halted Progress- the Freshman class Advisor)
Ben Comeau (Big kid, played the king in Alice In Wonderland, Juliet's brother- Advisor to the Sophomores)
Tom Maffeo (The red-headed volleyball player's brother- Senior Advisor)

Or just ask a senior if they can point you in the direction of one of us (or anyone in our class for that matter).

Maybe someone should post this as a new post so everyone sees it.

Anywho... Au revior,

thanks for noticing my works :-D